Videos have flashing lights, patterned motion effects and audio frequency distortions.
These videos take inspiration from researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who developed technology for optically recovering sound recordings from an image, allowing sound to be made without touch. They named the project IRENE after recording their first image from 'Goodnight, Irene,' a 20th-century American folk standard whose lyrics tell of the singer's troubled past, most famously in the line "sometimes I take a great notion to jump in the river and drown."  IRENE is a reverse acronym standing for Image, Reconstruct, Erase, Noise, Etcetera. 
I continue to explore drama, cyclical destruction and creation, attachment theory and the Skin Ego by mimicking researcher's experiment and process. As in previous bodies, years of old frames, canvas, raw pigments, grounds and glazes are destroyed and "IRENEd". Each soundtrack is made by converting images of both the lone frame and the pile of the painting scrap body into tracks of semitones and patterned sound. The projections are made by digitally manipulating documented image and noise ratios across spatial dimensions of the x, y, and z axes for 90 second loops, the amount of time an emotion is held in the body. 
The bodies explore form/s shifting in and of dimensional "reality", displacement, echolocation, dissonance and orientation as they search, center and mirror across micro and macro fields of self and scape. 
I think of the pupal state of metamorphosis, where because pupae are largely defenseless, they conceal themselves in the environment, and form underground, making sounds and vibrations to scare predators. The caterpillar does not have a clue of the butterfly it will become. 
2022: Current work in progress.
Video projection loops and original audio scores. Dimensions variable. ​​​​​​Full screen high-definition streaming optimal.
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