ooa 99
New work in progress! Sound forms becoming fields. Reverse ancestral long-self totem beings.
This video body takes inspiration from researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who developed technology for optically recovering sound recordings from an image, allowing sound to be made without touch. The bodies explore form/s shifting in and of dimensional "reality", displacement, echolocation, dissonance and orientation as they search, center and mirror across micro and macro fields of self and scape. Can we find resonance.
Each frame is an individual fragment of a deconstructed and discarded drawing, painting, or sculpture. Photographed and digitally manipulated by both choice and chance, the “real” image of the whole is unknown—each captured layer speaks to a temporary frequency, a momentary yet infinite slice of one’s being.
Meant to be viewed as simultaneous projections, the raw skin as protagonist absorbs uttered sound from masked performers ad infinitum, investigating absurdity, emotional contagion, episodic memory and semantic satiation.​​​​​​​
During quarantine, each canvas was stripped of its face revealing pigmented stains, tears, stray threads, fragments and holes. Digitally altered with chance and choice filters and effects, a 12-second human attention span loop is constructed as a persona to examine perceived realities and subjective states of being. Video loop composites of raw pigments, dyes, ink, gesso, pumice, paste, glaze, handmade paper, mylar, acrylic, plaster, plastic and canvas fragments.
in/finite hero
1000 permutations of an original painting skin.
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