I recycle deconstructed paintings to examine objective versus subjective states of persona, emotions, and memory. The original composites include raw pigments, dyes, ink, gesso, pumice, paste, glaze, handmade paper, mylar and canvas. Photographed and digitally manipulated by both choice and chance, the “real” image of origin is unknown. Set in loops measuring 12 second human attention spans, each capture speaks to a temporary yet infinite emotional frequency.
2020-ongoing. ​​​​​​Full screen high-definition streaming optimal. Video projection loops, dimensions variable. Some videos have flashing lights and patterned motion effects.​​​​​​​

Ripped blue mirror melt

Bulge wobble shake smear mirror vignette

Soft stained glitch with tear

Dark hue cycle shift mirror glow

Hard glitch mirror blur

Raw edge still

Pink stained mirror flow

Raw stain scan with static

Amber stretch bias jaggie

Slow red mirror smear

Yellow optical melt

Raw mirror wobble

Maroon matrix pixel pump

White mirror jitter holes

Greyscale mirror melt with color mask

Lofi vertical sort pulse

Hue cycle jitter

Mirror seeps ii

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