Esoteric philosophy speaks to individual sheaths of the body as composite layers of gross and subtle energies. Each loop is an individual fragment of a deconstructed and discarded drawing, painting, or sculpture. The original composites include raw pigments, dyes, ink, gesso, pumice, paste, glaze, handmade paper, mylar, acrylic, plaster, plastic and canvas fragments. Photographed and digitally manipulated by both choice and chance, the “real” image of the whole is unknown. Set in loops measuring 8-12 second human attention spans, each expansion of a frame speaks to a temporary frequency, a momentary yet infinite slice of one’s being. The body is ongoing and new pieces are uploaded when complete.
2021-ongoing. Video projection loops. Dimensions variable. ​​​​​​Full screen high-definition streaming optimal. 
Some videos have flashing lights and patterned motion effects.

Mirror hue cycle feedback

Contrast side mirror mosh

Hot posterize slice

Hyper pile mirror jitter

Green grid slice smear

Black wave reverse stretch

Dark could

Saturated hard glitch

Mint lateral wave stretch

Primary glow cycle

Decimation vignette

Desaturated optical melt verso

Edge configuration grain

Gold tessel

Gray soft pixelation

Gray wave fore

Green mesh figure field

Grey edge saturated shake

Hard glitch sunrise

Hard purple grid mirror jitter

Inverse mirror mosh macro bulge

Mirror glitch decimation quad

Neutral horizon angle tear

Neutral vertical flow jaggie

Transparent mauve jitter stretch

Bounded contrast horizon

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