Deconstructed canvas fragments manipulated beyond recognition assuming new identity of form and field. 
2021-ongoing. ​​​​​​Full screen high-definition streaming optimal. Video projection loops, dimensions variable. Some videos have flashing lights and patterned motion effects.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Slow visible bang

Slippery split hue cycle

Black wave reverse stretch

Green horizontal split jaggie

Desaturated bulge scale warp roll

Pastel dot gain static

Mint lateral wave stretch

Contrast side mirror mosh

Green grid slice smear

Dark could

Primary glow cycle

Decimation vignette

Desaturated optical melt verso

Edge configuration grain

Greyscale pixelation static

Green mesh figure field

Grey edge saturated shake

Hard purple grid mirror jitter

Transparent mauve jitter stretch

Bounded contrast horizon

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