Eileen Cubbage
(b. 1976) Philadelphia, PA

M.F.A. Maryland Institute College of Art, Hoffberger School of Painting
B.F.A. Syracuse University, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Illustration
Eileen Cubbage examines somatic and emotional residue through a performative and diaristic multidisciplinary new media practice. She has degrees from Maryland Institute College of Art and Syracuse University with residency attendance and group exhibitions at Unity Space, Greece, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Takt Kunstprojektraum Berlin, Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, New York Studio School’s Drawing Marathon, Pyramid Atlantic Paper Studio, Hotbed Studios Philadelphia and FAVElab, Greece. With recognition from Sumasil Foundation for Women’s Advancement, New Insight Art Chicago and the Dedalus Foundation, Eileen has taught full-time at universities both in the US and Asia. She is currently traveling to research intersection of her current work with dance and movement improvisation with an upcoming residency at STOA Center for Body Art Studies in Sirence, Turkey. 
"I work to recategorize painting as temporal 'performance', where formal, organic and chance relationships merge to investigate sensory spans in the felt 'bod/ies' of  both the work and spectator. I composite simple gestural drawing, painting and sculptural processes into time-based motion, sound and high-definition video projection installation loops. Somatic mythologies are examined through the life cycle of the painted body. Language, sound, movement and form informs. Studio, picture plane and screen all act as a stage, a portal and mirror for energy transmission bridging analog and digital frequencies. 
My research is inspired by Didier Anzieu’s treatise the Skin Ego. Anzieu sees the body’s surface – its skin – 'as a crucial constituent of the mind’s structures and functions.' Using Anzieu’s description of skin as a sound, dream and psychic envelope, my work explores sheaths of the body as composite layers of gross and subtle energies — 'completely psychic, utterly somatic, essentially intersubjective and intercorporeal, constantly changing […] and fundamentally located in space and time'." 
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